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First let me say that my husband has told me she had sex with someone else wanted for quite some time and I would not have done what I did when I was going to be angry. So one day in the work of a colleague and I who work in the basement duckyporn of the place that he thought some research. Paul is a nice looking man. It is built around six feet tall and beautiful 44 years old. All women in the office are getting it checked. was after everyone had left the office, they were flirting with each other for about an hour, Paul escaped from my shirt and it looks very good smell. We were working closely together when I saw him put his hand on the back of the head and leaned over and kissed me. My knees went weak when he kissed me. I wanted to say something, and he put his finger on my lips and said, I'm going to fuck. Search in the beautiful green eyes and the smell of his cologne made ​​me away from all common sense, and we began to kiss ato win. Paul sat on the desk in my blouse unbuttoned. I unhooked her bra and began sucking on my chest. Then he put back his shoes and socks removed my pants and took off my clothes and started kissing me on my leg to my feet and licked my pussy. Paul stepped back pulled down her pants and underwear when I was back in his shirt tail stood straight. Paul unbuttoned his shirt and there was this nice thick tail and pointed close to my pussy. He grabbed me and put him as we kissed each other. I could feel my pussy as his tongue in my mouth shot, his fingers playing with my clit. I was down on her knees and sucked. His cock filled my mouth and tasted good, I heard him groan, and his tail would twitch when I lick the head and lay their eggs on hand. Paul then put me on the floor and got between my legs and kissed me, pushing his self- respect in me. It felt so good that all I could do, duckyporn hold your breath, as she slid deep into my stretchI was hanging. Paul kissed me and massaged my chest and said, erotic things, how it moves in and out of me. When he saw I was about to cum, he stopped, looked into my eyes, I had a cock inside me and said, Come On Girl come to me and cum laude. I let out a scream and cum blinked. Paul then lifted my legs over his shoulder and started to hit me hard and fast. I grabbed his arms and screamed fuck duckyporn my pussy! Fuck my pussy! And then I had the longest orgasm of my life. I did caraway and cumin. Paul pushed into me and I felt his cock explode inside me your sperm filled my pussy, I felt his cock shrink in me, as they injected in me. When he left, he pulled me saw our semen dripping from the tip of the tail. I found your ass on the floor. I could smell our sex life as I throw and dizziness. Paul has helped me to put down and went to the bathroom and clean up the mess cleaned and found Paul in the soil. Before we left Paul duckyporn set duckyporn highs hand on my face and told me how beautiful she was and how good it made ​​me feel your body. I said I 've never been duckyporn with another man besides my husband. He said he did not tell anyone and do not worry. I duckyporn must admit I was a little embarrassed at first, but the sex was so good that it does not last long. I told my husband about a few days later during intercourse and became enraged and shot his sperm all over and asked me again, as he watched.
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